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Sport Podiatry

Sports podiatry focuses on diagnosing, preventing and treating injuries related to sport. It is very important to accurately diagnose the complaint prior to developing a treatment plan. By assessing gait, biomechanical dysfunction, running styles/patterns, footwear and many other contributing factors we can manage what’s contributing to your injury and assist in managing it to get you back on track to return to sport as soon as possible.

Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and ankle pain is common in individuals who stand/walk for long hours. As we standing/walk for long hours, all our body weight transferred to ankle and foot and the stress needs to be absorbed. Sometimes muscles become tight due to overworking and the stress cannot be absorbed therefore it may cause pain and inflammation which leads to soft tissue injuries. Some of the common injuries includes Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy, Morton’s Neuroma and Bursitis. For further education and assessment please see our Podiatrist.

Children's Foot Assessment

A child’s foot bones will be completed later on in teenage years. However arch bone will start developing in age 3. If your child ever complains of pain in their feet, frequent tripping, limping, loss of interest in participating in activities, or abnormal walking patterns, please contact our office to book an appointment to see our Podiatrist for further biomechanical assessment.

Ingrown Toenails- PNA Surgery

Ingrown toenails are painful which can affect your quality of life and function. Ingrown toenails are mainly seen in big toes and most of the time there are signs of infection. PNA surgery will remove the side that is growing inside the skin permanantly. To read more about the procedure check our blog. 

Nail Bracing

Nail bracing OR ortho-nail is a new technique used these days for permanently reshape toenails to prevent “Involuted and ingrown toenails”.

Nail Bracing is applied on top of the nail and positioned in place by a Podiatrist. Once positioned Nail Bracing is then set using the bracing light. This enables the nail to regrow in its natural shape and alignment as the nail grows out. Nail Bracing remains in the place until the nail grows out while being adjusted regularly by your Podiatrist.

Footwear Assessment/Education

Footwear plays a vital role in managing foot pain and foot related conditions. Not all shoes are suitable for your foot type, therefore they can cause conditions such as bunion, callouses and corns to get worse. Specialised insoles only work best in an appropriate footwear. For further education on footwear assessment please call us to book an appointment with our Podiatrist.

Diabetes Assessment

Diabetes can cause joint and muscles stiffness as well as reduction of blood flow and loss of protective sensation in feet over time. It is important to contact your podiatrist for a full diabetes assessment every year especially when you feel leg cramping during walking and numbness/tingling sensation in feet. Our Podiatrist will check blood flow manually with Ultrasound Doppler to make sure enough blood flow is reaching feet also with specialized devices, nerves will be tested. For a full diabetes assessment come and see our Podiatrist to ensure there’s no risk of having foot diabetes complications such as having risk of unhealed ulcers, rest pain and intermittent claudication.

Bunions-Hallux Abducto-Valgus

Bunions are bony prominences at the ball of the foot, causing the big toe to be “pushed” inward towards the lesser toes. This creates pressure points when shoes are worn producing the painful, red swelling known as bunion. There are some conservative and surgical treatment options. For further education please contact our office to book an appointment to see our Podiatrist for the right management option.

Customised Foot Orthoses

Orthoses are specialised insoles that would be fitted into shoes for several reasons which includes shock absorption, extra arch/ankle support, offload pressure from painful spots and to manage soft tissue injuries. Orthoses can manage several conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), knee and back pain, differences in leg length, in-toeing gait in children, flat feet and high arch feet. For further information please contact us to see our Podiatrist for a full biomechanical assessment.

General Nail and Skin Care

Over time, toenails can become thick and fragile or due to small trauma, microscopic fungi spores gain entry to the toenails. For some individuals it is hard to take care of their feet at home. Podiatry general treatment includes cutting and filling toenails, fungal treatment, removal of corns and callouses and warts. Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) is accepted for those who have difficulties attending their toenails. EPC referral is required before seeing our Podiatrist. Please contact your GP to arrange a referral otherwise you can book privately.

Dry Needling

Here at Unique Foot Clinic we are trained in Dry Needling and can assist with your musculoskeletal pain. Dry Needling helps to open trigger points in order to increase muscle length and its range of motion to address possible soft tissue injuries. To read more about this technique please visit our blog page. 

Tools Assisted Massage Therapy

Tool assisted massage works by using specific techniques and pressures applied to the soft tissue structures. These techniques release trigger points and connective tissue adhesions. The application of friction forces to the tissues, further assists with the break down of scar tissue. We use this technique frequently on patients with foot pain with the conjunction of Dry Needling technique and custom orthotic therapy. For more information you can visit our blog page.